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Board Certified Attorney Collection Letter Review Process

Send us your collection letters and our attorneys demand deletions and fines when laws are broken!
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Board Certified Attorney Collection Letter Review Process!

Send us all of your collection letters, even if you are NOT A CLIENT!  

WE WANT YOUR LETTERS UP TO 1 YEAR OLD!                                    

 Not only do we work on the dispute and removal process, we have attorneys look at your file for FDCPA violations and sue third party collection companies at no  retainer fee to our clients when you enroll in select plans! Well over 40% result in not only a deletion but a settlement to you from the collection company.

Not a client? No problem! This stand alone program is also available if you are not a client, or was a previous client! Contact us today for details and stop harassing collectors. The results of this program may be a permanent deletion of a collection account, a $1,000.00 fine for the violation paid by creditor or a punitive damage settlement, when fines are paid they are paid you!                                                                   

Board Certified Attorney Collection Letter Program

Collection laws have changed, collectors are constantly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- take advantage of the FDCPA laws by utilizing our service!

1-Give us a little information about yourself by clicking below on the yellow registration link 

2-Send us your collection letters that you have received over the last year, as well as well as all future letters!

3-Let our attorney partners go to work defending your rights        

4-No upfront costs to you, our attorney partners only get paid if there is a settlement by the collection companies- never any money from you!


                                                                                                                                           To enroll click here Attorney Letter Program Registration

 For More Information, send us your contact info below- BUT TO GET STARTED, CLICK THE YELLOW REGISTRATION LINK ABOVE!


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