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Do I get a refund if my score does not go up or is this guaranteed?

First, we do not charge for “deletions” nor can we make any such claim. No one can guarantee that something can be removed. Your credit consultant will give you an idea of what we can accomplish based on previous results. You can also look at our testimonials and results. We charge for creating your portal, giving you detailed information, education, and other things that have taken years of research. We charge for creating and sending letters and any other types of communication with the creditors, credit bureaus and other financial institutions. We have a full staff that is paid to handle your account and work on your file to the very best of our ability but we cannot make any creditor or bureau remove anything. We can utilize your rights and show them how they are breaking the law! We also have credit consultants and coaches who will read your FICO reason codes and put in writing what must happen to increase your score. You have to do your part to increase your score, but working in concert, together we will improve your situation. There is much more to your score than just the negative accounts that we can dispute.

That being said, the laws and regulations we live by do not allow us to make any specific claims about what we can do.  We run our business is an ethical way that suits our clientele. Any time you have a questions, your personal Credit Coach will be there to answer them for you.