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Do the “specialty programs” that include the 700 Power Process really produce faster results and a higher score?

They produce much faster results because we dispute 100% of the items on all 3 bureaus. We do multiple disputes per round, more letters asking for more verification means we are utilizing more laws. We are more likely to get a correction or deletion if we utilize every tool we have. A credit coach deciphers your FICO score reasons. Your credit history or the things that we dispute with letters makes up about one third of your score. Other things that hurt your score are too much credit, not enough credit, high balances and other things. Your credit coach will review these items with you. When doing this we are working on all 5 categories of the score. We attack 100% of the items that make up your score rather than just one third of the items, we will raise your score faster and usually by many more points.