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What is the difference between the $99.00 Self Enroll EProgram and the 700 Original Program?

With the $99.00 self Enroll EProgram, you sign up and send us your information thru our Credit Restoration Supersite & Online Business Center. You will need to enroll with a credit monitoring company which eliminates the need to send in results, we will repull your credit thru the monitoring site, update your portal and do the next round of letters.   You deal directly with processing thru our Online Business Center / customer portal which eliminates the need to deal with a sales consultant. This enables us to charge a lower monthly fee. The 700 Original program does not require a monitoring service nor do you have to upload your id’s and address verification, simply email or fax to your credit consultant. The 700 Original program comes with unlimited phone support and we are here to help when you need us.