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Billy Alt

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William "Billy" Alt CEO – 700 Credit Services
Founder / President - 700 Credit Repair


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 Author of "Constructing Success" and other publicatiuons 

-Founded 700 Services in 2007
-Over 25 years of real world
credit and mortgage experience
-Texas Real Estate Commission Instructor
-Over 5,000 Real Estate transactions closed
-Certified Credit Repair Agent
-Over 100 foreclosure HUD/FHA/REO Real Estate transactions bought/sold & closed
-Dedicated Husband & Father of 5
-Recognized Credit Expert
-Sub-Prime Mortgage Loan Consultant
-Direct Response Marketing Expert



William “Billy” Alt is the Founder & President of 700 Credit Repair and Founder of 700 Business Solutions. 700 C.R. helps people who have the financial ability but lack the required credit score needed to purchase a home. Thru their “Home Ownership” guarantee, 700 C.R. makes Home Ownership possible. Billy works with Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals that have clients who are unable to qualify for a mortgage. Thru credit repair, home buying seminars and budget tools, he helps clients while keeping their real estate professional and mortgage banker notified of their progress thru “Credit Tracker”, 700’s customer portal. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, contact Billy or visit www.



With his 25 plus years’ experience and knowledge of the credit industry and customer service, it is no wonder his clients enjoy a deletion rate of over 85%, and over 50% of 700’s customers are referrals. Mr. Alt also oversees the day to
day activities at 700 Business Solutions, located in Mesquite, Texas.
Thru the Funding Suite, 700 Business Solutions builds business credit so that companies
can get money in the name of their business with no credit check or personal guarantee.
The Funding Suite also offers immediate funding thru 2100 banks, lenders,
finance companies and investors. The funding suite gets businesses thousands of dollars
even when traditional banks say NO.
He is a father of 5, husband to wife Melissa, and lives in the DFW metroplex. He is a speaker, author and on credit repair, family finances & budgeting.
He is a trainer on retail sales & marketing for the real estate & mortgage industries, as well as a recognized credauthority.

Billy Alt can be reached via e-mail: for real estate “Home Ownership” speaking, or to set up a free credit repair seminar, contact