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Billy Alt

CEO 700 Services
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William "Billy" Alt

CEO – 700 Services 


CEO - 700 Credit Repair

CEO - 700 Insurance Solutions


Head Visinary at Billy Alt's Life Changing Results Ranch

Author of "Constructing Success" and other publications 


-Founded 700 Services in 2007

- Consumer Credit Expert Witness

- Credit Expert

- Business & Sales coach/mentor/trainer

-Over 25 years of real world credit and mortgage experience

-Texas Real Estate Commission Instructor 

-Over 5,000 Real Estate transactions closed

-Certified Credit Repair Agent

-Over 100 foreclosure HUD/FHA/REO Real Estate transactions bought/sold & closed

-Dedicated Husband & Father of 5

-Recognized Credit Expert

-Sub-Prime Mortgage Loan Consultant

-Direct Response Marketing Expert