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Caleb Stevenson

Portfolio Manager
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Our service is similar to that provided by a defense attorney…

The credit report is no more than allegations. Unfortunately, most people never challenge these allegations. By retaining our services, our clients enter a plea of “not guilty”. It is then up to the credit bureaus, collection companies and creditors to perform an investigation. If they claim to have investigated the allegation, we appeal the decision and eventually most allegations are removed.

Caleb is a Portfolio Manager with 700 Credit Repair. He is driven by the need to help others drastically improve their credit situation and is inspired each day by the thousands of individuals and families whose lives have been transformed as a result of our tireless advocacy on their behalf. 

Prior to joining the 700 Credit Repair Team, Caleb spearheaded customer relationship teams in the education technology as well as home improvement industry.  A born entrepreneur, Caleb's first job was bussing tables at a local pizza parlor at the age of 4 (don't worry, the compensation was more than fair!) 

As a licensed real estate agent, investor, and homeowner - he knows first-hand just how absolutely vital maintaining excellent credit is for anyone - regardless of the financial situation or the specific industry one may be in. His commitment to serve clients is unparalleled, as is his excitement in revolutionizing the credit service industry with 700 Credit Repair.