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Ovilia Reyes

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Ovilia Reyes graduated in 2004 from Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center (Education and Social Services Division), after graduation she decided to put her career on hold and became a mother of 4 amazing children- Bethany, Isaac, Ariel and Isabella. After a few years she decided it was time to enter the workforce.

She started working at a law office in Oak Cliff- Burt Barr & Associates where she thrived as a receptionist and file clerk for 5 years. Yearning for more challenges and advancement opportunities she was encouraged to apply at UTSW Medical Center where she went to work for 7 years off and on doing scheduling, checking patients in and out and verifying insurance. In the midst of UTSW Ovilia, found 700 credit repair as an employer and fell in the love with the company’s bigger picture and the owners Billy and Melissa Alt. She started off in the processing department and moved her way up to a Head Credit Coach after a year or so she left the company got married to an amazing man (Sam) and had another baby (Noah). After the birth of Noah Ovilia, decided she would again place her career on hold until the baby got a little older but an opportunity arose with 700 that she just couldn’t turn down so she’s back at 700 helping people like her with much less than perfect credit get their lives and financial well being back on track. Ovilia Reyes- “I love working for a company that helps people who have snags and hiccups with their credit. We all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance to rectify ourselves and not be haunted by the past, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”