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Roxy McComas

Portfolio Manager
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Our service is similar to that provided by a defense attorney…

The credit report is no more than allegations. Unfortunately, most people never challenge these allegations. By retaining our services, our clients enter a plea of “not guilty”. It is then up to the credit bureaus, collection companies and creditors to perform an investigation. If they claim to have investigated the allegation, we appeal the decision and eventually most allegations are removed.

Roxy is a Portfolio Manager with 700 Credit Repair and works with those who want to improve their credit, to create a better life. Prior to working for 700 Credit Repair, Roxy worked alongside her husband as a real estate investor.

She holds several degrees:

an Associates in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and is currently working toward a Master’s in Business.

Roxy is a mom to six children and has always been a big dreamer. She has done everything she can to reach her goals in life, but there have been times she has had some setbacks and knows having bad credit can be a struggle. Because she knows firsthand what it is like, she is making it a goal to help others who are in that situation she once was in.