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Tricia Stokes

Portfolio Manager
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Our service is similar to that provided by a defense attorney…

The credit report is no more than allegations. Unfortunately, most people never challenge these allegations. By retaining our services, our clients enter a plea of “not guilty”. It is then up to the credit bureaus, collection companies and creditors to perform an investigation. If they claim to have investigated the allegation, we appeal the decision and eventually most allegations are removed.

Tricia is new to Credit Repair but has a background in network marketing where she helps her husband with advertising.

She has been in the medical field for 14 years and is passionate about helping people and building their confidence. She is thrilled to continue to help people better their lives with 700 Credit Repair.  

Tricia is a mother of 3 boys and a wife of 15 years. She was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and now lives in the Maryland area.