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Press Release-Credit Restoration Super Site


For immediate release-Mesquite, Texas--- a leader in credit repair specializing in removing negative, adding positive while educating their customers, announces the redesign of their website, renaming it their Credit Restoration Super Site & Online Business Center. The redesign features improved website navigation, gives clients the ability to sign up with online Self Enroll ePrograms, offering many new and improved programs, offering advice and even has a new color scheme which is very easy on the eyes.

The new site design incorporates questions and answers, a new blog, news articles and offers self-help for those who are seeking information to improve their personal finances. For clients who join 700 Credit Repair’s program, there is even access to their online results tracking portal and software.

"Credit Repair is actually a simple process if you know the laws and your consumer rights, as well as the laws protecting the creditors and bureaus", says William “Billy” Alt, President of Sales and Marketing. Alt says the new site design will make it easier to find the information needed to make an informed decision if credit repair and 700 Credit Repair is right for you.  "If you have a large number of items to correct, delete or debts to settle, the process can seem intimidating, but is relatively easy to understand and implement."

Experts tend to agree with Alt - that credit repair is something anyone can do on their own as long as you know the laws of the FTC, FCRA, FDCPA and FCBA, just to name a few. "It's more than just getting your credit report and writing a few letters” explains Alt. “The laws are clear and concise, but confusing. Unless educated on these things, you can do more harm than good to your scores. Past delinquencies / history makes up just 35% of your score. By sending out dispute letters only, you are only working on that 35%. Our credit coaches work with you and take advantage of another large part of your score category, your balance to limit ratio on open accounts. By being sure you have the right amount and types of open accounts and optimal utilization you will get the most out of the FICO scoring model.”

About 700 Credit Repair:

Founded in 2007, 700 Credit Repair is a one-stop destination for consumers looking for credit repair, rescoring and rebuilding help.  Alt is the President and General Manager of 700 Credit Repair and Founder of 700 Business Solutions.  He oversees sales and marketing at 700 Credit Repair and also oversees the day to day activities at 700 Business Solutions, located in Mesquite, Texas. Through the Funding Suite, 700 Business Solutions builds business credit so that companies can get money in the name of their business with no personal credit check or personal guarantee. He is a father of 5, husband to wife Melissa, and lives in the DFW metroplex. He is a recognized authority on credit repair and has written numerous articles on credit repair, family finances & budgeting. His background consists of credit, mortgages, home buying and he has been a trainer on retail sales & marketing. Billy works with Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals as well as other types of financial lending institutions that have clients who are unable to qualify. Through credit repair, home buying seminars and budget tools, he helps clients while keeping their real estate professional, mortgage representative and banker notified of their progress through 700’s customer portal. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, contact Billy or visit

Billy can be reached via e-mail: for real estate “Home Ownership” speaking, or to set up a free credit repair seminar, contact .