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Press Release- Credit Restoration Supersite & Online Business Center


700 Credit Repair's President William Alt announces the creation of their new "CREDIT RESTORATION SUPER SITE and ONLINE BUSINESS CENTER"

"Our new Credit Restoration Super Site is more than the average credit repair company's template website." Alt said. "We continue to pave the way in the credit solutions industry, 700 Credit Repair has always been a forward thinking organization offering innovative credit solutions. Our program continues to be different, we perform a custom, one off dispute process, and we pride ourselves in offering a custom audit program. We are not your normal home based, so called credit repair company or an online credit letter dispute mill that farms work out to countries like India where mass "not my account" dispute letters are created and sent to the bureaus and are usually not read and kicked back." "Our clients call in and receive a FREE CREDIT ANALYSIS by a Certified Credit Consultant. Clients are recommended one of our 12 programs, whichever will help them the most and which best fits their wants, needs and budget." Alt continued with "Custom drafted, unlimited disputes to the creditors AND an audit process to the credit bureaus are necessary if you want to successfully remove inaccurate, outdated, erroneous negative information, but that is only one third of your FICO score." "Our clients get their own Certified Credit Coach who deciphers their credit score and puts a plan in writing and is there to help."

So what exactly is so different?

"We wanted to create an industry-first, one of a kind online presence, something different from the traditional website, and our Online Credit Restoration Super Site and Online Business center was created!"

"Our marketing departments forward thinking minds welcome change. We keep up with the ever changing ways of business and to continue to pave the way for the credit services industry.

Through the Credit Restoration Super Site, people are able to easily request information, get free credit education tools, watch videos, compare programs and see what 700 offers, look at consumer protection laws, and much more.

"You can also see things included in our programs and processes, like our Lifetime Guarantee against removed collections coming back and our 12 Point Power Process."

"Then you have the other side of the site, the Online Business Center. Through this state of the art technology customers are able to sign up online, communicate with credit coaches / consultants / processors, upload IDs/ results, access their file to see what has been done, see results, use financial software and access the guaranteed credit accounts offered by our program, plus much, much more. Once clients sign up, we welcome them to come to our office or spend time with us on the phone, but now they are able to conduct business with us online through our secure software at the Online Business Center."

"Our customers now have the choice to get information and even sign up through the super site online, by phone or in person in our office. Or, at least go there first with no hassle, once they decide they like what they see, they can call and do a free credit audit once they feel comfortable with us!"

700 Credit Repair is an industry leader, performing credit repair, credit disputes, credit rebuilding, rescoring and helping their clients increase their credit scores.

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