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700 CREDIT REPAIR understands the importance of communication with our real estate professionals, automotive dealers, mortgage brokers and other affiliates. That is why we now have our AFFILIATE PORTAL UP AND RUNNING! We want to make sure that any customer that you send to us is returned back to you once their credit score is high enough for them to purchase your product. Thru the AFFILIATE PORTAL, you will have the ability to log in and view your client’s progress. You can also communicate with their processor, so you will know your client’s credit score, giving you the ability to contact them just before their score is where it needs to be to close on your product. 700 Credit repair is a different kind of company. We appreciate your referrals, and realize if we want more, we must take care of the ones you send us, and as importantly, take care of you!
There is NO CHARGE to become a Preferred Affiliate. Not only do we set up your information and create your own Web Portal upon initial sign up, we update all of your customer’s information in your portal as well as theirs every time new information regarding their credit is received.
Let’s take a tour of our portal!
Before we start, this may be a bit overwhelming! You do not have to take advantage of all these tools, but they are available!! You can simply send us a customer, let us repair their credit and send them back to you, checking their status through the portal along the way. Or, you can be as active along the way as you like!
Affiliate portal
Affiliates and referral partners are able to login and see all the customers they referred. You can check status, read/write notes, upload / download attachments, send new clients and more. This way you are always up to date and happy with our service!
Affiliates can login 24/7 to get updates on customers
Now our affiliates can log in and see a list of all the customers that they referred and view the status of each customer. That way you won’t have to call asking what has been done. All you have to do is log in and select the customer you want an update on. To view a customer, all you have to do is click on that customer's name. Here you will see the customer’s status just as the customer sees it!
Affiliates can send leads
Getting leads from affiliates is the life blood of our company, and returning that lead to you as a qualified buyer is yours! But, how many leads and referrals slip through the cracks? None anymore! Now you can send leads securely right in the portal. You simply fill in basic client data and are given the option to add notes and attachments. Once submitted, the lead will automatically appear in our inbox with the info tied to it. The new lead is highlighted just like a new email in our inbox!
Affiliates can upload files
Many times the customer will be referred by an affiliate from a mortgage company or car dealership and you will have a copy of the customer’s credit report. No more mailing or faxing. Now all you have to do is log in, select the customer, and upload the report. Sharing allows you to hide certain files from customers. That way we can keep the files between us private.
Affiliate communication
Communication is one of the main issues that cause affiliates to stop sending deals. Customers, affiliates and my staff can all communicate through the interactive notes system. The notes system keeps track of all notes back and forth between you, the customers, and my staff. Unlike traditional e-mail, the notes system is a secure method for transmitting information back and forth, and it’s centralized so everyone in your company can read and write correspondence.
Advertise for your affiliates
On the first page of the customer portal there is a section for us to advertise for the referral partner that sent that specific customer. Every time that customer logs in to see the status of their credit, they will be reminded of the person that sent them to get their credit restored! The photo/logo and complete contact information along with e-mail links and website link are made apparent on the front page! Imagine putting your name, phone number, website and e-mail address in front of the customer every time they log in to check on their status….think that will give you a competitive advantage?
Credit education
The credit education section of this powerful portal empowers customers with easy to access credit information. Common questions can be answered with a click instead of a call. This tool will further enhance our relationship with customers by providing them access to useful information!
File attachments
Getting documents to and from customers securely is a key feature of the portal. Global and individual attachments are quickly become commonplace in our business. Our mutual client’s can upload a copy of their credit report, dispute updates, and any other document that they see fit. No more mailing or faxing, saving time resulting in faster results!
Central communication
Communication is one of the main issues that cause customer complaints and fallout. With the interactive portal of our professional credit repair software, communication takes clicks rather than hours. Customers communicate with you and us through an interactive notes system. The notes system keeps track of all notes back and forth and notifies each party thorough e-mail when they have a note to read. Unlike traditional e-mail, the notes system is a secure method for transmitting information back and forth, and it’s centralized so everyone in both
companies can read and write correspondence!
Engage your customers in the process
Customers are notorious for not following through as they need to and changing their intentions. With our portal, customers will instantly be engaged in the process of their credit restoration. Customer will have an easy to use interface to get their questions answered at the times that they want them answered. When customers regularly interact, they are more likely to be successful in their efforts. Happy customers send lots of referrals to us all!
Training video for our customers
After our customers view and agree to our agreement, they are automatically prompted to watch a quick video showing them how to use the portal to check their credit repair status, send/view notes and view pertinent account details and more. This advanced technology will illustrate our commitment to our customers!
As you can see, we are serious about our services. We treat you and OUR customers the way we want to be treated, both in the dispute process and in the way we communicate. Our commitment to our clients – the best dispute techniques available….our commitment to you is to keep you informed and up to date with OUR customer’s credit! Call and I will come visit with you, or come by our office to get set up as a 700 Credit Repair Preferred Affiliate

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