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Auto Express Program

Guaranteed program that will raise your score high enough to purchase a brand new vehicle.
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700 Credit Repair

Proudly Offers our


“Auto Express

Guaranteed Program”


This unique program was designed for clients who have the desire and financial ability to purchase an automobile, but lack the sufficient credit score required to enable them to qualify. Any applicant who enrolls in 700’s AUTO EXPRESS GUARANTEE will be credit score eligible to purchase an automobile!


Our firm guarantees your score will be raised to the minimum requirement so you are able to be approved for an automobile loan thru one of your dealers lenders or through one of 700 Credit Repairs Preferred Lenders.

Over and above the credit restoration process, we will read your fico codes and create a custom dispute plan, put it in writing, and your own Credit Coach will assist you throughout the process. We will also teach you how to manage your budget, so that it helps your credit score, with free budget & finance money management tools, workbooks and software, a personal one on one consultation, e-books and coaching. We will also help you obtain positive credit trade lines with reputable companies that will offer you up to $10,000.00 in merchandise credit and credit cards. 

This program lasts for 6 months but 70% of our clients see their score increase by 100-160 points in just 90 days!


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