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Home Ownership Guarantee

Guaranteed FHA mortgage approval by one of our lending partners. Our exclusive #1 rated home buyers program
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700’s Exclusive Home Ownership Guarantee
This unique program was designed for clients who have the desire and financial ability to purchase a home but lack the sufficient credit score to enable them to qualify. Any applicant who enrolls in 700’s guaranteed Loan Approval Program will be credit score eligible to purchase a home. All FHA loan requirements apply, as well as collection guidelines. If you complete the entire process and are not able to qualify for a home loan, we will continue your service for 6 months, after that we will refund the entire credit repair fee.
Upon completion, select builders will credit 100% of Home Ownership fee’s towards the down payment of your new home!

You could be living in your own home in less than 6 months if you take action and enroll today. There has never been a better time than right now to take back control of your life, your finances and the financial security of your family. Home Ownership is one of the fastest ways to reach financial success. And 700 Credit Repair's Home Ownership program is the fastest way to Home Ownership! Call (972) 279-0444

With 700 C.R. as your partner, you can be assured that your home-ownership goal will be accomplished within the next few weeks or months!

We can make this promise because this home buyer program is 93% effective for approving buyers with fair or poor credit ratings. In 2010, we obtained mortgage financing for 223 families who were previously declined for their home purchase.

700 Credit Repair in Dallas, TX. is the only organization in Texas authorized to offer the Home Ownership Guarantee. There is no other program like the Home Ownership Guarantee which guarantees home ownership!

How can this program get results in only 2-4 months? In most normal credit cycles, the financial rehabilitation process takes about 2 - 3 years. With this program, we compress the credit restoration process into 2-4 months. This is accomplished through the concentrated efforts of our strategic partners including; attorneys, credit remediation specialists, along with housing and financial counselors.

This program not only rebuilds and repairs your existing credit in a fraction of the traditional rebuild time, but delivers a substantial credit score increase as a direct result.

- Includes-
6 months of unlimited disputes, assist customer in opening credit trade lines, set up of Credit Tracker web portal and monthly portal updates, reimbursement of fee by dealer / builder when customer purchases house (if builder approves), monthly Home Ownership webinar, detailed Home Ownership credit analysis, customized H.O. profile sheet which shows what must happen to raise sore, customized Workbook which clearly defines specific game plan, time frame and other information, removal of “consumer comments” prior to closing on home, communication with dealer / builder throughout program and much more. See portal for complete list of “what’s included”


Includes our exclusive 700 Power Process-
Our innovative approach to credit restoration is constantly changing and being updated to keep up with the never ending changes of our industry. Our exclusive Power Process is an industry first and has taken over 7 years to perfect.
While others simply dispute, this process was designed to attack the scores from multiple angles, using federal laws to protect consumer’s rights by auditing creditors, collection companies and the credit bureaus.


  • 1-Credit Analysis - review credit report with you

  • 2-Assignment of a Credit Coach - credit consultation with a trained professional credit coach who will                                                                                                                                                

    • A) Read your FICO REASON CODES-Decode your personal fico codes enabling us to work on the things hurting your score the most

    •  B) Review what is keeping the scores from increasing, per your FICO score codes    

    •  C) Analyze your open credit utilization and review with you where additional points can come from

    • D) Compare your report to the 5 categories of the fico score; compare your report to those categories for optimal improvement

    • E) Your Coach will put your plan in writing & be there for unlimited support along the way

    • F) Review Client Portal, items to dispute, issue workbook and custom recommendation sheet

  • 3- Creditor & or Credit Bureau Audits- an in depth audit of the creditors and the bureaus by creating custom letters which utilize consumer’s rights and verify credit reporting laws are being followed. CREDITOR DIRECT disputes may used to verify 100% compliance of the FCRA and credit reporting laws

  • 4-Review exact items creating a drag on your score, and determine which items to dispute to have removed or corrected and decide which tactics to use, create a multiple dispute letter plan and unlimited disputes & letters on unlimited credit accounts

  • 5-Custom letters drafted by our professional, trained, certified credit repair processors are created specifically for you using the best consumer protection and or credit reporting laws for the best possible solution

  • 6- Gather results with clients by getting results back from the sources within the timeframe allowed by the law and not any longer.

  • 7- Results review - a detailed results & responses review process to determine the next step. If you are working with an affiliate, at your request, we will update them on the progress and when it's time to repull your credit.

  • 8- When credit is repulled we will perform an updated credit analysis and put in writing your changes and our new gameplan for the next step. your affiliate referral partner (realtor, loan officer, etc) is updated with your NEW SCORE, CURRENT DELETION LIST AND NEXT STEP / GAME PLAN

  • Steps are repeated throughout the program.


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