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Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 8:06 AM
To: Karina Alvarez []
Subject: New Car!

Before my wife and I joined 700 Credit Repair, I shopped at several car lots and the only new car I could buy was a base model I didn’t want, and with an interest rate and down payment that were outrageous. The sales person knew I had few options with my bad credit and took advantage of it.

After 5 months with 700 Credit Repair, I was able to purchase my dream car, a Dodge Charger RT Plus. It even has heated and cooled cup holders. I did it with only $500 down and a great interest rate. This time I was in control because I knew my credit was in the upper 6oo’s.

You and the entire staff at 700 Credit Repair were great in explaining everything and telling us clearly what we needed to do. We are now starting to look into buying a home and plan on purchasing in 12 months.

Again, Thank You Karina and 700 Credit Repair for helping me to purchase my dream car and soon our dream home.

J.C. Hinrichs
San Antonio, TX