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This program was designed for people with a score of NA and for those wanting and needing our professional help and advice in opening accounts and what to open. It is often difficult to get credit, even if you do not have any negative accounts. No company wants to be the first to extend your credit. Once you have credit and your scores go up, then everyone wants to offer you credit. The credit score looks at "mix" of accounts and "types" of accounts, opening and building the right accounts will ensure you the highest score.

Unsecured accounts are move "valuable" than secured, to the credit bureaus. Secured cards cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to open. Through this program, there are no out of pocket expenses for opening secured cards. Over $10,000.00 of GUARANTEED CREDIT REPORTING ACCOUNTS is included! WE WILL DISPUTE UP TO 2 MEDICAL OR UTILITY TYPE COLLECTION ACCOUNTS. We will also dispute inaccurate personal data such as employment, addresses, misspelled names, and variations of your social security number.

A personal credit coach will assist you in opening credit trade lines and will be at your service for 6 months, full portal access to our dispute software is included. You will also have access to a credit analysis recommendation sheet which shows what must happen to raise scores and what accounts we recommend for the best creation of reporting credit. This is for the people with a score of N/A or one or two collections. Includes up to 8 inquiries.

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