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Credit Repair has changed.

Credit reporting laws are constantly changing and are harder than ever to keep up with. Credit repair has changed. The process most companies today use is a thing of the past.

The credit report score categories have changed over the years, and continue to do so, and so has the process. The process of using form letters to dispute negative accounts not only does not work but it also may not help your score. Accurate and verifiable information cannot be removed, but some companies claim  to do so. There are often situations when removing what appears to be a negative account can actually lower your credit score because other aspects of the account are helping your score. If raising your score is your goal, you must be educated on and understand the categories that make up your FICO score.

Our fast and powerful process was designed to raise your credit scores by as many points and as quickly as possible by verifying the accuracy of accounts through multiple advanced tactics. Our process includes both credit bureau and creditor direct audits. By disputing and removing inaccurate, erroneous, misleading, outdated, unverifiable negative accounts with the credit bureaus and creditors, our clients see remarkable results. By working directly with creditors for settlement or deletion letters, taking advantage of all categories of the score calculation and being sure you have the right amount of open accounts with the perfect utilization, not only will you see a change in items, but also an increase in scores!

  1. Both credit bureau and creditor audits - disputing and removing inaccurate, erroneous, misleading, outdated, unverifiable negative accounts with the credit bureaus and creditors.
  2. Creditor direct disputes, verification and validation - working directly with creditors for settlement or deletion letters and removal of items.
  3. We work on 100% of your credit score! While others only send out dispute letters, they are working on 1/3rd of your total score. We work on all score categories, 100% of your total FICO score. Our credit coaches work with you on the things that make up your total score. We make sure you have the right mixture of accounts and your balance-to-limit ratio on open accounts is just right. And our processing team never disputes items that could lower the average age of your accounts, and they dispute ALL INQUIRIES!  Those that say they coach customers in this area do nothing more than suggest you open a secured card which could actually hurt your score by damaging your credit mix, lowering your average credit age, and add an inquiry.

Our credit consultants, credit coaches and processors are trained professionals and understand the makeup of credit scores, and they consider many factors when working with you.

Our processors will review your credit reports and then direct appropriate correspondence to your creditors and the credit bureaus using these laws. Your credit report items are carefully triaged and matched with just the right credit repair strategies, as applicable to your case. Although some consumers think only "send in a credit bureau dispute" when they hear the phrase "credit repair," the truth is a bit more complex. Good credit repair includes numerous tactics and approaches, many of which don't even involve the credit bureaus.

What are the consumer protection laws?

The FCRA (Fair Credit Repair Act) affords consumers protection against disorganized credit bureau records and regulates how the credit reporting agencies treat customers.

The FCBA (Fair Credit Billing Act) requires creditors to bill only correct information about you. You can challenge and question dates of charges, payments, proof of purchase and more. The dispute possibilities are endless when it comes to the FCBA.

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) places limits on how 3rd party debt collectors behave. With the collection industry being a billion dollar business, and with more creditors needing help with collections after the credit crunch of the mid-2000s, unethical business practices by collectors are worse than ever. Collection companies must follow strict rules and guidelines, but they threaten people and break the law every day.

As you can imagine, these three Acts alone give you an arsenal of legal dispute tactics when used correctly.

The FTC mandates all items on a credit report must:

All aspects must be correct, apart from the fact they exist. They must report dates, balances and history PERFECTLY- most credit furnishers are violating your rights due to bad bookkeeping.

There is a time limit for information that we request. You have to force credit furnishers to stick to the legal reporting time.

"If they can't prove it, they must remove it"- creditors and collection companies must, by action of law, prove that they have the right to report the information, which is very difficult due to continuing bank mergers, bad record keeping, employee turnover or negligence. "If we ask for a specific item and don't get it, odds are it will be removed!"

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