Designed To Get Deletions Fast and Attack The Score from Multiple Angles for the Best Results
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Custom-designed, customer-focused programs

Backed by THREE decades of pioneering experience and real world application

Designed by both today's innovative thinkers and pioneering industry leaders, our custom credit solutions include the latest credit repair tactics and tools available. As results oriented, custom-focused and forward thinkers, we continue to pave the way in the credit services industry.

Our cutting-edge technology, software, tools and knowledge enables us to stay one step ahead of the credit bureaus, creditors and collection companies. Through training, education and real-world experience we have a clear understanding of your consumer rights and the credit reporting laws. We know how to get deletions and RAISE YOUR SCORES!
Free Credit Consultation
We offer a "Free Credit Analysis". It will cost you absolutely nothing at all for one of our Certified Credit Repair Consultants to decipher your  FICO codes, find out your timeframe and goals, and then tell you which  program will work the best for you.
We  understand that each situation is unique, so we will find out what you are  trying to accomplish and then help you get there. 700  Credit Repair offers a program for every credit situation.

Our unique approach to credit repair, restoration and  rebuilding ranges from "Dispute Only" programs to having your own Certified Credit Repair Coach. Call us today to see which program makes the most sense for you.
We can help get your reports, go  over them with you and give you an idea of what you can expect from  us. After speaking with you we will recommend a program and give you  a "no hassle cost evaluation".

You can then think it over  and get back with us or get started immediately for as little as  $149.00 and start seeing results within 45 days. Your free credit analysis and credit restoration quote is good for 30 days so you can take your time to make an educated decision.   Just call  to speak  to a certified credit consultant or email your info to and one of our certified credit consultants will call you!
Free Credit Consultation

Our Industry First Features Were Designed To Get Deletions Fast and Attack The Score from Multiple Angles

Updates After Every Cycle
Industry Exclusive  CREDIT COACHES
700 Power Process
Unlimited Disputes per Round
Guaranteed Credit Accounts
Credit Educational Workbook
Credit Bureau & Creditor Audits
Custom Letters and Disputes
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Call right now for your Free, No Hassle, No Pressure Credit Analysis!

A Certified Credit Consultant will review your credit report and explain to you, what can be done, according to your FICO scores.

Designed to tell banks, creditors and collection agencies exactly what is hurting your score.

We can decipher these 3 digit highly guarded codes and make a game plan to swiftly and efficiently change your credit report and score.

Don't settle for mass letters that no longer work. Let our expert staff change your life today!
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This paperless, self-enroll process was designed to save clients time and money by utilizing our state-of-the-art software.

We offer each program through our self-enroll process.

Bypass the enrollment department and save as much as $400.00!