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Like any service, yes you can. Legal work, dental work and even yard work can be hired out or done yourself too! Our employees are trained professionals. Our experience enables us to produce excep..
First, we do not charge for “deletions” nor can we make any such claim. No one can guarantee that something can be removed. Your credit consultant will give you an idea of what we can ..
They produce much faster results because we dispute 100% of the items on all 3 bureaus. We do multiple disputes per round, more letters asking for more verification means we are utilizing more law..
You can sign up online right now for our $99.00 Self Enroll EProgram. Within minutes you will receive an email with easy instructions on getting your 3-bureau credit report and getting it to us. O..
CLIENTS who ENROLL AND COMMUNICATE THROUGH OUR "ONLINE BUSINESS CENTER” get an interactive customer portal to view results, ask questions, get updates etc. Simply enroll online, email ..
We offer UNLIMITED DISPUTES with UNLIMITED COMPANIES ON ALL PROGRAMS ON ALL ROUNDS, STARTING WITH ROUND #1! Many companies dispute far fewer items at a much slower pace. Our schedule is design..
Because results are sent to you, we do not update the portal until you forward the results to us. Once we receive results on all 3 bureaus we will update the portal within 7 days. If we do not rec..
Part of what we teach in our educational emails is responsibility to the debts you have incurred. But if you suffer a financial problem, and your automatic debit is not honored at your bank, simp..
With the $99.00 self Enroll EProgram, you sign up and send us your information thru our Credit Restoration Supersite & Online Business Center. You will need to enroll with a credit monitoring ..
FICO FACTS from Billy Alt, President 700 Credit Repair- Your Credit Mix determines 10% of the FICO score FICO Scores will consider your mix of credit cards, retail accounts, installment lo..
New collections, slow pays, etc. will hurt your score more than the removal of old negative items. Notify us immediately if you receive any NEW collection letters. We may get things removed and se..
Our process is extremely efficient. We start fast and keep up a consistent pace throughout your membership. If you sign up today we should have your first round of dispute letters out within a..