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Home Ownership Program

You could be living in your own home in less than 6 months if you take action and enroll today. There has never been a better time than right now to take back control of your life and your financial security. Home Ownership is one of the fastest ways to reach financial success. And 700 Credit Repair's Home Ownership program is the fastest way to Home Ownership! Call (972) 279-0444

With 700 C.R. as your partner, you can be assured that your home-ownership goal will be accomplished within the next few weeks or months!

Home Ownership Guarantee


This unique program is designed for clients who have the desire and financial ability to purchase a home, but lack the sufficient credit score required to enable them to qualify.

Any applicant who enrolls in 700's HOME OWNERSHIP GUARANTEE will be credit score eligible to purchase a home, GUARANTEED!

Because disputing and deleting alone won’t necessarily increase your scores,

the Home Ownership Program now includes our Exclusive “Power Process”!

This Credit Score Optimization Package attacks the score from multiple angles, includes additional tactics and focuses on not only the removal process but helps clients open specific types of accounts to create the perfect mixture and utilization rate!

While others simply address only 35% of the Credit Report by sending simple dispute letters, this process was designed to remove negative items and increase the scores as quickly as possible.By addressing 90% of the items affecting our client’s credit and by attacking the scores from multiple angles, our client’s results far exceed the industry average.

Our innovative approach to both “Credit Restoration” and “Credit Score Optimization” is constantly being adjusted to keep up with the never ending changes of our industry.

Our veteran team of industry pros continuously improves our process to keep up with the changes of the creditors and credit bureaus dispute process, credit score algorithms and new state and federal laws. Our exclusive Power Process is an industry first and has taken over 13 years to perfect.


1.) Detailed Credit Analysis - Review of credit report.

2.) Assignment of a Credit Coach - Clients are assigned a Personal Credit Coach who will put your plan in writing, offer unlimited support throughout program, review client portal, items to dispute, issue exclusive credit workbook and Custom “Credit Rec/Score Code Sheet” & Decoding of FICO REASON CODES

• Clients receive a custom sheet with a custom game plan of what can be done in addition to our dispute, audit and removal process.

• Decoding of FICO REASON CODES – our coaching, processing and legal dispute & audit departments decode, understand and utilize your personal fico codes.

• Coaches & Consultants analyze the open credit utilization and review with client where Physical Mail ie: USPS, FEDEX, UPS etc additional points can come from. A written game plan is reviewed with and given to our clients.

• Assistance with opening $5,000.00 and $3,500.00 Revolving Credit Card Accounts from our trusted affiliates.

3.) Custom Dispute Process Created - Clients receive a custom dispute process created specifically for them using consumer protection laws, credit reporting laws and other proven tactics for the best possible results.Respond to, Receive and or Initiate correspondence via telephone, e-mail, fax,physical mail ie: USPS, FEDEX, UPS etc. Use Certified Mail at our discretion.

• FICO REASON CODES are once again used for the dispute process to assure our clients the correct items are being addressed

• Processors review fico codes for a clear understanding of what is creating a drag on the score; your custom dispute process is built around these findings.

• Processors review the codes for a clear understanding of what items are helping, or could help, the score. What may appear to be negative could actually have a positive effect on the score.

• Unlimited Letters-Unlimited Processing, Unlimited Disputes, Audits &Unlimited Letters that utilize consumer’s rights and verify credit reporting laws are being followed.

• Disputing & Auditing - 100% of the negative or harmful items on the very first round and all rounds after.

• Processors compare your report to the 5 categories of the fico score for optimal improvement.

4.) 10/20/30/40 – Communication / Customer Follow Up - We pride ourselves in communication- your coach will stay in touch while in the program. Our 10/20/30/40 day approach will assure you’re informed while in the program. Communication consists of live calls, text messages, emails and Portal Updates

5.) New Report Pulled at 45 Days - We update YOU! We don’t wait or depend on results, we let you know where your case and score is at- report is re - pulled and refreshed. This process is unique to the industry, others MUST HAVE RESULTS before they can move a file forward.

6.) Client Portal Updated - Our Processing team automatically updates the Client Portal showing what was deleted, added and New Scores-  affiliate/realtor / mortgage company portal updated

7.) Assignment of Credit Analyst - Our proactive approach to every aspect of our business  

8.) Credit Analyst Results Review - a detailed “Status Update” is done by your Analyst.

9.) Results & Responses - A thorough review is performed to determine the next step. If you are working with an affiliate, at your request, we will update them on the progress and when it's time to repull your credit.

10.) Results & Responses AT 60 DAYS, NOTIFY AFFILIATE “READY TO REPULL” - A thorough review is performed to determine the next step. If you are working with an affiliate, at your request, we will update them on the progress and when it's time to repull your credit.


700’s Home Ownership Guarantee PROGRAM GUIDELINES

This unique program is designed for clients who have the desire and financial ability to purchase a home but lack the sufficient credit score to enable them to qualify. Any applicant who enrolls in 700’s guaranteed Loan Approval Program will be FHA credit score eligible to purchase a home. All FHA loan requirements apply, as well as collection guidelines.If you complete the entire process and are not able to qualify for a home loan, we will continue your service for 6 months, after that we will refund the entire credit repair fee less enrollment fee.

Client must furnish 700 C.R. with a Credit Monitoring Site and keep throughout the program.

  •     Have three (3) or more positive trade lines which are open. If the applicant does not have any open trade lines, they must acquire at least three (3) open trade lines with our assistance. The balances must remain at 10% or less of the available credit limit on revolving accounts.    
  • Must have no more than 5 inquiries from the date of enrollment
  • May not have any thirty (30), sixty (60) or ninety (90) day late payments on any open trade lines from the date of enrollment.
  • May not have any new collections, charge offs or other negative item occur from the date of enrollment.
  • May not be in arrears to a child support collection agency without a wage garnishment or repayment plan in effect.
  • May not have any foreclosures or bankruptcies in the past thirty six (36) months
  • All FHA loan conditions and stipulations apply, including no unpaid public records.
  • Must have at least 1 FICO score of at least 500
  • Supply us with a Wells Fargo or similar credit monitoring site. Ask your consultant for a complete list of acceptable sites. Must forward all correspondence received from the three (3) national credit reporting agencies to 700 C.R. within three (3) days of receipt.
  • Must make all scheduled payments to 700 C.R. as agreed upon in the contract. The GUARANTEE will become null and void if any scheduled payments are missed.
  • Review your recommendation sheet and do a welcome call with your credit coach. Review with your coach what needs to happen in regards to your open utilization, do a one on one home buying credit consultation, and provide 700 C.R. with a good e-mail address. We also encourage our customers to use the budget & finance tools we provide for them.
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