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Tip #11 - Check for Inactive Accounts

Check for Inactive Accounts

You may sometimes see OPEN accounts on your credit reports that are considered "inactive" or an account that may say "Closed or Inactive Accounts." Make sure you take action to correct this matter.  

Simply check and see if the accounts are still usable and if so, make a small purchase on the account. This is only because account history is extremely important to credit scores. I know that many want to be debt free, but if you want a great credit score, there must be active accounts to be a factor.

In some cases old inactive account will survive a bankruptcy and you may be able to reactive them. If so, this will greatly enhance your credit score after bankruptcy.

Please note, that if an account is not used, many creditors will simply closed these accounts for non use. You do not want this to happen because it will lower your credit score.

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